Will You Not Cry out of this?

Will You Not Cry out of this?.

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Ten Simple Ways How to Spend Short Week End on a Busy Summer Season

Ten Simple Ways How to Spend Short Week End on a Busy Summer Season.

Mother, ladies, grandmother, housewife and nannies out there check this out.

We all know that life is never easy, though life is ongoing drama we need to live parallel to our society. We don’t need to be the best on town, we only need to be on the same temperature as the weather goes, not left behind as the people on Stone Age, though simple life is fun too.

1.   Check the budget. OMG,,

The budget now a day is really difficult but still we need to have some fun. We cannot live just working and working.

2.   Plan, plan, we need to have early plan.

We need to know what we want to do this coming week end. Are we going to have a week end beach party, night out, family outing, or simple night over with friends & etc…

3.   Check the weather to match with the plan.

Yes! the weather, we cannot go swimming when there is typhoon or sandstorm, we cannot sunbathe when there is no enough sunshine.

4.   Arrange with family members & friends to invite.

    Of course we don’t invite anyone of them then it is not family week end, it will be our “me time” week end alone.

5.   Arrange the household chores to be done before the week end.

   Exactly we need to finish our stuffs to be done at home. Our laundry, our pressing if we need to send them to the nearest laundry and pressing shop, in order to have them ready while we are having fun.

6.   Hit the supermarket for the stuffs that we need for the week end.

     Remember after week end is back to busy days again, work, work, work.. Therefore a “list to buy” is important it will help us know directly what we need in order to speed up the shopping dilemmas.

7.   Prepare food and games or program for the week end.

   Select foods and snack that are healthy, easy to prepare and economical.

8.   Select the best venue for the week end. 

   Home, beach, hotel, restaurant, simple and open area if there is, your home back yard is the best option.

9.   Double checks who are coming in order to check if we have to make special arrangement,

    note: some people have allergies, some need special assistance on moving around, some people need special attention as they are not in need of attention,, let’s face we those on our circle of family and friends that we cannot just ignore them, they are our family and friends.

10.  Lastly let our guest come, entertain them, feed and enjoy with them.

      This the main point. Let loose and have fun..

The fact that after all the effort that we did, have need only to relax, have fun and mingle with our family, know what is the current events, if we can help or is there any good thing to celebrate for the next time. Naturally we have our family dinner or family outing, family vacation, and of course we have also our own me time.