Rush Hour at High Season

I would like to share my day-to-day experience at the office as a hotelier, or i may say as one of the busiest line ever i have. To be honest never into my expectation that i would be in this line of work, but i love dealing with people, and the best part is when they return to you and the happy stories about how, where, what they do and go during their trip.

From the time i woke up in the morning, still close my eyes, drag myself to the bathroom for a quick shower, pass by the coffee machine and turn it on, let the machine do his coffee machine work while I decide and put on my best ward robe of the day, heh,, it’s just a normal office suite as per my mode. Finally decide which one, hurry up slide myself into it. splash my favorite perfume,, put on my favorite lipstick after moisturizer and loose powder, fix my hair, and viola ready to face the day challenge,

First, five minutes travel by car (of course with driver, can’t drive) to the office with my coffee termo mug on my hand, my Iphone on other hand checking early morning email, office routine, blah blah blah,

Then the marathon begin, calls, email, visitors, meeting, training, test call, mystery calls, report, email, international communication with other sister company out of the country, above all of these I must remain calm and fucus as all of the deal means money, one mistake will never erase by sorry, it is a business loss, Web Seminar, skype call, handling complaints, managing day by day is stressful, from morning of Saturday until evening of Thursday,

Then week-end one day off for all the remaining household chores. late night out on thursday with friends after work, movie night with husband until we hour, early morning prayer, breakfast on bed prepared or bought from the restaurant by my husband, after breakfast, five minutes and I’m out of the coverage area,,, haha gosh need more time…need to sleep until noon time..

Lunch must be something special, therefore need to prepare extra effort since only friday is my best time to cook a home cook meal, a short time every friday I should put all the effort, heart and knowledge to create something you will definitely say “yummy”

After lunch a little chat with my parent over satellite from my home country, checking update from friend the new book of faces online, great update for family and friends now a day, then again short nap, AT five in the afternoon must of our friends plan to have get together sometimes, walk by the beach, food tripping, or shopping,..

Open I will ask to pass this time, I need to sleep more or i love to just lay on my bed and recharge for my new challenge for the next day as work has a heavy demand during high demand season, summer time, people love to visit our chain,

Need to recharge, beauty rest, spa time, movie time.

too tired.. need a hand sometimes..

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